LifeGroups are an opportunity to connect, encourage, support and simply be there for one another in life. We live in a culture that tends towards busyness and isolation: both of which can work against connecting with one another in a meaningful way. Everyone has different gifts and passions and participating in a LifeGroup is a perfect avenue to express them – with the goal of sharing life and bringing one another closer to Christ.


Depending on what your gifts and passions are you can shape your LifeGroup around:

• Meals at your home/Hospitality
• Teaching /Studying a theme, a section of the bible or a book
• The season of life you are in (single, parenting, empty-nesters, a specific age range, people in your area/neck of the woods, etc.)
• A Common interest – a certain activity interest, healthy eating group, exercise/sports group, cooking, learning an instrument, etc.

We desire that each group take on its own flavor, so use your imagination! There is freedom to do something unique or keep it simple. God gave you your passions for a reason. No matter what the context is for gathering people, you will be praying for, investing in, and caring for the spiritual growth of the group members. The idea is for us to have a reason to connect, and then to let the Lord use us to support and encourage one another towards growth in Christ.

How Often Does a LifeGroup Meet?

There are 3 LifeGroup Sessions per calendar year, each lasting 3 months:
Winter Session: Jan, Feb, March
Summer Session: May, June, July
Fall Session: Sept, Oct, Nov

Each LifeGroup:
• will meet for one three-month session
• will meet as often as the LifeGroup leader pre-determines (once a month, twice a month, weekly, etc.)
• will meet for approximately 1.5-2 hours per meeting

Each LifeGroup can be a “three month and done” session OR may continue to meet beyond the original three months upon mutual agreement between church leadership and the LifeGroup leader.  Once the LifeGroup is approved, a list of all current LifeGroups will be published for the church community to choose from.

LifeGroup Leaders

Your first priority as a LifeGroup leader will be to connect with each person at each meeting, regardless of the chosen context. In addition, you should offer prayer to anyone that may need it. This type of simple spiritual support goes a long way to strengthen and encourage people in their pursuit of God. We will provide a handbook for LifeGroup Leaders to help you get started as well as provide ongoing support for your questions or problems.

Each LifeGroup leader will need to find a co-leader – someone that will commit to being there to help you with your group.  We also ask that each LifeGroup leader and co-leader first complete our four session NEXT Class that takes place on Sundays after the Sunday service.

If you have any questions concerning LifeGroups, please contact our LifeGroups Coordinator Debbie Hays via email, text or phone:, 301-509-7733.

 Click HERE to view the “LifeGroup Leader’s Handbook”

Current LifeGroups

May - July 2018 Session

Men’s Breakfast

Bobby Sherwood & Jack Rafferty

2nd & 4th Fridays 6am – 8am

KOTN & First Watch Restaurant (Muddy Branch Road)

Acts 2:42 Men’s Group….All men are invited to KOTN at 6am for an hour of prayer followed by a time of fellowship by having breakfast together at First Watch on Muddy Branch Rd.

Ladies’ Get-together

Michelle Zetts & Mary Hunter

Sundays 12:30-2:30pm (5/6, 6/10, 7/22) & Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm (5/30, 6/20, 7/11)

Local Restaurants

Welcoming women ages 30 and up who are interested in connecting with other women, and who are seeking encouragement and fellowship. We will be meeting in a casual restaurant setting one Sunday after servics and one Wednesday evening each month to eat, talk, and discuss a specific verse for that week. If you are new to the church or just desire to interact and spend time with other ladies in the church, this is definitely the lifegroup for you!

“The Art of Marriage” Date Nights

Doug & Connie Wantling

Saturdays 6/2 & 6/16 from 4pm – 9pm at KOTN

This is a two-night date-like atmosphere for dating, engaged, and married couples of all ages. Couples will sit alone together over a romantic candle light dinner while watching inspiring and entertaining videos from Family Life about marriage. The videos include expert teaching, real-life testimonies and humorous dramas. No group discussions involved, just projects for you and your partner to do together. The experience will equip you with tools to strengthen and protect the most important relationship in your life as well as give you quality time together. Total cost is $50 per couple which includes 2 study guides and both dinners. Space is limited. Let us know if cost is an issue or you need help finding childcare.

Fitness LifeGroup

Dani Lopez & Mike Fahey

Initial meeting Monday 5/7 from 7pm-8:30pm.  Following sessions TBD weekly Mondays/Tuesdays

This life group is co-ed, for young adults 18+ and at any fitness level from beginner to above intermediate level. Learn why and how to set fitness and health goals, maintain motivation, reach your goals, while feeling the encouragement and accountability of a group. Leave feeling rooted in what you have learned and being able to continue on your own and/or with your new fitness in faith family. Expect to learn fun ways to workout and create lifelong healthy habits.

Game Night

Barbara Choporis & Ann Buzzard

Two Fridays a month 7:30pm (5/4, 5/18, 6/8, 6/22, 7/13, 7/27) at Barbara’s Home in Rockville

This group is for 30 years and up male and female. We will play games and ponder and discuss scriptures. Some games will be Pictionary, Charades, Yahtzee, card games, and others.

“Beyond the Walls” Outreach Lifegroup

Anastasia Sadd & Jemma Chapman & Vivian Bansa

Saturdays 11am – 1pm at Lakeforest Mall Bustop

Let’s go “Beyond the Walls” and have a time for some street evangelism. We’ll be sharing the gospel and praying for people.  All are welcome.

Equip Ministry Training

Ascend Ministry Team

Sundays at 12:30pm beginning 5/20 for 8 weeks. 

KOTN – Whalen House

Equip is a Life Group hosted by Ascend, open to all who attend King of The Nations, or those who serve through Ascend. It is a nine-week course that covers a variety topics such as the foundations of faith, spiritual gifts, and many other principles of the Kingdom of God. This Life Group is great for those who want to feel empowered to go and release heaven on earth. There is a $15 registration fee for materials. CLICK HERE to register.

Tuesday Prayer*

Jonny Zetts & Mike Brown

Every Tuesday 7:30pm

*This is an open LifeGroup that meets all year round.  Anyone is welcome to join us for a time of intercession. There will also be an opportunity to share words the Lord is speaking to you, testimonies, and receive personal ministry.  Feel free to sign up or just come next Tuesday.

Ascend Youth & Young Adult Lifegroups


If you are interested in the on-going youth and young adult lifegroups (high school, middle school, and college-age) contact our Youth Pastor Maria Suazo at