LifeGroups are an opportunity to find freedom, experience community and grow spiritually in a smaller, more relational context than we experience on Sunday morning.

Classes are an opportunity to learn and deepen your understanding of God and His purpose for your life.




Sundays at 2:30pm at a home in Olney

Start Date Sept 11th, with a Conference Dec 9th-10th

Nancy Jones & Michelle Zetts

Are you ready to live life abundantly (John 10:10)? The Freedom Lifegroup will equip you to live the victorious life God intended. In addition to the 12-session small group, we will end with a powerful conference (December 9-10) focused on overcoming our past so we can run to and with God. Because the topics build on each other, regular attendance and weekly homework is part of this group. Cost: $10 for curriculum book plus a $25 conference cost. Register soon as spots are limited!

Holy Spirit GROUP FULL

Fridays at 7pm (Sept 16, Sept 23, Oct 14, Oct 21, Nov 11, Dec 2, Dec 16)

at a home in Olney

Kathy Griffioen & Nathalie Vilson

Galatians 5:16 says we should “walk in the Spirit,” but what does that mean? And how do we know when we are? Living the Holy Spirit empowered life gives us power, hope, and clarity to live the way God has designed us to. In his video study “Introduction to the Holy Spirit,” John Bevere will lead us step-by-step into what life in the Spirit is all about. Workbook cost: $10. Register soon as there are only 15 slots in this group!


Sábados a las 7pm

Empieza el 10 de septiembre, con conferencia el 9 y 10 de diciembre

en una casa en Germantown

Jaiver Vanegas, Mercy Nuñez

¿Está usted listo para vivir su vida en abundancia como Cristo prometió? (Juan 10:10)
Este grupo sobre la Libertad en Cristo le proveerá las herramientas para vivir una vida victoriosa, tal y como Dios ha destinado. Además de las doce sesiones grupales,
terminaremos con una poderosa conferencia (9 y 10 de diciembre) enfocada en superar lo que nos detiene para que podamos correr hacia y con Dios. Porque los temas son acumulativos, tú asistencia regular y las tareas semanales son parte de este grupo!
Costo: $10 para el libro más $25 para la conferencia.
Regístrate pronto porque los cupos son limitados!


Jueves cada quince dias  a las 7:30pm, empezando el 8 de septiembre

en una casa en Germantown

Aldo & Amelia Elgueta, Angie Patino

Gálatas 5:16 dice que debemos “caminar en el Espíritu”, pero ¿qué significa eso?  ¿Y cómo sabemos cuándo lo estamos haciendo?  Vivir en el Espíritu Santo nos da poder, esperanza y claridad para vivir como Dios nos ha diseñado. John Bevere en su estudio: “El Espíritu Santo: Una Introducción”, nos guiará paso a paso hacia lo que es la vida en el Espíritu. El costo del libro de trabajo es de $10.  ¡Inscríbase pronto ya que sólo hay 15 plazas en este grupo!

How To Read Your Bible & Love It

2nd & 4th Tuesdays, starting September 27th

at a home in Gaithersburg

Bud & Susan Greenberg, Jessie Hayes

Did you know that the Bible not only contains the words of God but also the power of God? Reading the Bible regularly can greatly help us in dealing with life’s challenges and with navigating our relationships.  No matter where you are in your journey, this group will guide you to a fuller relationship with the Bible and the importance of incorporating it into your everyday life.


Fridays at 7pm  (Sept 16, Sept 23, Oct 14, Oct 21, Nov 11, Dec 2, Dec 16)

at KOTN, Room 1

Willem Griffioen & Co-Leader

Feeling hopeless and lost in dealing with sexual brokenness? You are not alone. Jesus offers forgiveness and healing…yes healing is possible and you can walk in freedom! Join us as we take back this territory from the enemy, exposing the roots of sexual brokenness and how to find real victory that you may not believe is possible for you. Regular attendance is required. This is Part 1 of a 2-part group. Part 2 will be available in the Spring.

Connect Group GROUP FULL

3rd Thursdays at 7pm

starting September 15th

at a home in Gaithersburg

Jon & Sharon Zetts, Mary Hunter

Do you want to connect with new people and develop relationships that will encourage you in your faith? Join our connect group! This group meets once a month and will discuss a specific topic/verse every time. Come join us!

Ladies’ Connect Group

4th Mondays at 7pm Starting

September 26th

on Zoom

Pauline Petticlerc and Lia Vasquez

This group is for all ladies who want to get together, meet new people, and be encouraged in the Lord. For now, we will meet on Zoom but will re-assess our meeting location each month. Join us!

Shabbat (Saturday) Fellowship

One Saturday evening a month at 6pm

at a home in Olney

Willem & Kathy Griffioen

Shabbat Fellowship is a time when we come together in our home for dinner, fellowship, worship, testimonies and prayer.  Anyone is welcome. When you sign up, you will be added to our invite list and be updated by text each month which Saturday we will meet.  Bringing a side dish or dessert to share is optional.

Young Adult Men’s LifeGroup

Every Other Monday at 7:00pm

at KOTN Room 1, Classroom Bldg

Jonathan Santos, Avi Elfasi, Christian Rodriguez, Danny Gonzalez

Young adult men (ages 18-35) can join us for a time of discipleship and community.

Young Adult Women’s LifeGroup

Every Other Tuesday at 6:30pm

at KOTN, Main Bldg.

Jazmin Santos, Gaby Salmeron, Rebecca Rodriguez, Mia Santana

Young adult women (ages 18-35) can join us for a time of discipleship and community.

High School Youth LifeGroup

Every other Wednesday at 7pm


Isaac & Cindy Rivera

It is our desire to create a safe place for high school youth as we speak life and the Word of God to them. Students will be empowered to walk with Jesus and realize His purpose for their lives.  All high students welcome!



Mondays at 7pm – 8pm on Zoom, starting September 12th

Jonathan Martinez & Co-Leader

It’s good to start at the beginning! Unpack the basics of Christianity. This class is perfect for someone who is either new to the faith or who is exploring Christian beliefs.  It is a seven-week course covering topics such as “Who is Jesus?”, “Why and How Do I Pray?”, and “How Does God Guide Us?”, along with time for questions.  This course is offered every two months.  Sign up now for the current course or to express interest in future course schedules. 

HEARING GOD’S VOICE (One-Day Workshop)

October 15th, 12pm – 4pm

Kathy & Willem Griffioen, at a home in Olney

Did you know that you are designed to hear God’s voice?  Do you still struggle to hear Him daily?  Join us for a one-day workshop on How to Hear God’s Voice.  Together we will learn what God’s voice sounds like, how to recognize it, and keys to hearing God’s voice in your daily life.

IDENTITY (One-Day Workshop)

December 3rd, 12pm – 4pm

Kathy & Willem Griffioen, at a home in Olney

Who are you in Christ?  What is your identity now that you are a believer?  God has an identity, a purpose, and a calling that is unique to you.  Join us for a one-day workshop on identity in Christ.  Together we will discover our God-given identity as a believer in Jesus, and the unique purpose given to each of us.  Each person will leave with a personalized identity statement.


September 17th, 4pm – 6pm

Tony Papandrea, at KOTN Main Bldg.

What does the Bible say about the physical body? Does it say anything about the God instructed way to care for the human body? In this class we will look at what God’s word says about the care and feeding of the crown jewel of His creation, you!  We will mainly focus on the physical, but as the Body, Mind and Spirit are inextricably linked we will talk about how to keep all three healthy.


One Saturday/month: Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 12, Dec 3

From 12pm – 2pm

Kyle Hansen, at KOTN Main Bldg.

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Explore early Church history and dive deeper into the 7 church communities that the book of Revelation addresses in this four part class. Join us for conversation as we discover the background that helps give us a new perspective on the early church and how God speaks to His people. For pre-reading: Acts, Ephesians, and Revelations 1-3.


with Pastor Greg Zetts

Are you a leader? Do you feel like you might have leadership potential but you’re not sure what’s next? The Leadership Mentoring Program here at KOTN is designed to take you from where you are now to your next level of leadership. Whether you are currently in a leadership role in your life or you hope to be someday, this program is for you. In this four-semester program you will receive the benefits of teaching and group mentoring sessions with Pastor Greg.  You will complete a set reading list and homework assignments and will be invited to participate in an overseas mission trip. Is it time for you to invest in your leadership call so that you can reach your full potential in Christ and lead others for the glory of God?  Apply for the Leadership Mentoring Program!


Semester 1: The Call of the Leader

Semester 2: The Communion of the Leader

Semester 3: The Character of the Leader

Semester 4: The Combat of the Leader

  • Program time commitment for each semester is two Wednesdays per month for five months.
  • Participants in the program are accepted through application only and spots are limited.