LifeGroups are an opportunity to experience community and grow spiritually in a smaller context than what we experience at our Sunday Service.  If you want to find deeper freedom and learn to love God and others better then sign up below for one of the Lifegroups that are available this session.


September - December 2021 Semester

KOTN will be following all CDC and Montgomery County guidelines concerning COVID 19 precautions.
This may cause in-person meetings to be changed depending on the current guidelines.


Nancy Jones, Michelle Zetts & Stan DeVries

Thursdays 7pm on zoom with occasional in-person sessions.

Starting September 9, with conference December 10-11

Are you ready to live life abundantly? (John 10:10) The Freedom LifeGroup will equip you to live the victorious life God intended. In addition to the 12-session small group, we will end with a powerful conference (December 10-11) focused on overcoming whatever issues hold us back so we can run to and with God. Cost: $10 for curriculum book. Register soon as space is limited!

Holy Spirit GROUP FULL

Willem & Kathy Griffioen

Thursdays 7pm on Zoom (with option to alternate weeks in person)

Starting September 16


Galatians 5:16 says we should “walk in the Spirit,” but what does that mean? And how do we know when we are? Living the Holy Spirit empowered life gives us power, hope, and clarity to live the way God has designed us to live. In his video study “Holy Spirit: An Introduction” John Bevere will lead us step-by-step into what life in the Spirit is all about. Workbook cost: $10. Register soon as space is limited!

How to Read Your Bible & Love It GROUP FULL

Segun & Emily Adesina

Thursdays, 7pm on Zoom with occasional in-person meetings

Starting September 9

Did you know that the Bible not only contains the very words of God but also the power of God?  A recent study by The Center for Bible Engagement polled 40,000 people and found that reading the Bible just 4x/week has a profound effect on key areas of your life:  Feeling lonely drops 30%, anger issues drop 32%, bitterness in relationships drops 40%, feeling spiritually stagnant drops 60%, just to name a few.  No matter where you are in your journey, this group will guide you to a fuller relationship with the Bible and the importance of incorporating it into your everyday life.

How to Share Your Faith

Pastor Greg Zetts

Sept 29 (7:00pm), Oct 27 (7:00pm), Nov 13 (12pm-2pm) on Zoom

Do you know how to explain the gospel clearly to someone?  Evangelism can be as simple as telling someone how God feels about them.  In this group, Pastor Greg will teach on important principles of evangelism and sharing your faith.

How to Hear the Voice of God: One-Day

Willem & Kathy Griffioen

Saturday October 30

Do you hear God’s voice? Do you want to grow deeper in hearing him? The bible is full of examples of people hearing God’s voice just when they needed to.  Sign up to attend this One-Day group on How to Hear the Voice of God.

Shabbat (Saturday) Fellowship

Willem & Kathy Griffioen

Saturdays Once A Month

Starting September 25

Shabbat Fellowship is a time when we come together in our home for dinner, fellowship, worship, testimonies and prayer.  Anyone is welcome. When you sign up, you will be added to our invite list and be updated by text on a monthly basis which Saturday the next meeting will be.  Bringing a side or dessert to share is optional.

Dotado (Gifted) en español

Aldo & Amelia Elgueta, Jaiver Vanegas

Cada otro jueves de 7:30pm

Sera presencial en una casa en Gaithersburg

Inicio 9 de septiembre

Todos tenemos Dones dados por Dios, muchas veces sabemos que tenemos los dones pero no sabemos cómo desarróllalos!! Acompáñenos en este grupo, en el cual vamos a explorar y aprender a como poder usar lo que el Señor nos ha dado, para traerle gloria y para cumplir con el propósito de JesuCristo en nuestras vidas!!

Seguiremos el mandato del Condado de usar mascarillas adentro durante nuestro grupo.

High School Youth

Isaac Rivera & Cindy Guzman

Every other Wednesday at 7pm at KOTN

It is our desire to create a safe place for high school youth as we speak life and the Word of God to them. Students will be empowered to walk with Jesus and realize His purpose for their lives.  All high students welcome!

Young Adult Men

Carlos Santos

Every Other Tuesday at 7:30pm                                 

Young adult men can join us for a time of discipleship and community.

Young Adult Men

Jonathan Santos

Every Other Wednesday at 7:30pm                                  

Young adult men can join us for a time of discipleship and community.

Young Adult Women

Katie Valladarez & Gaby Salmeron

Every Other Tuesday 7:00pm

Young adult women can join us for a time of discipleship and community.

Young Adult Women

Jazmin Funez & Paola Madrid

Every Other Tuesday 7:30pm

Young adult women can join us for a time of discipleship and community.

Young Adult Women

Jasmyn & Carol

Every Other Tuesday at 7:00pm                                 

Young adult women can join us for a time of discipleship and community.


with Pastor Greg Zetts

Are you a leader? Do you feel like you might have leadership potential but you’re not sure what’s next? The Leadership Mentoring Program here at KOTN is designed to take you from where you are now to your next level of leadership. Whether you are currently in a leadership role in your life or you hope to be someday, this program is for you. In this four-semester program you will receive the benefits of teaching and group mentoring sessions with Pastor Greg.  You will complete a set reading list and be invited to participate in an overseas mission trip. Is it time for you to invest in your leadership call so that you can reach your full potential in Christ and lead others for the glory of God?  Apply for the Leadership Mentoring Program today!


  • Program time commitment for each semester is two Wednesdays per month for five months. Commitments will be taken one semester at a time.
  • Participants in this program are accepted through application only and spots are limited. Applications due by September 1st.

Semester 1: The Call of the Leader

Semester 2: The Communion of the Leader

Semester 3: The Character of the Leader

Semester 4: The Combat of the Leader