The Ten Virgins

Matthew 25

10 virgins were entrusted with lamps from God to carry them out to The bridegroom but five were foolish and carried their lamps without any oil while five of them were wise and took oils with them.They were awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom but the His arrival was a longtime from now so they all became drowsy and fell asleep. when the bridegroom arrived the five foolish virgins who forgot their oils to their lamps were unprepared for the bridegroom but the wise bridegroom were prepared because they had their oils already. The five foolish Virgins went to get their oils while the bridegroom had taken the five wise virgins to the banquet and shut the door leaving the five foolish virgins locked out trying to get in but it was too late and the bridegroom did not know them. The lamps represents the ministry that G0d has entrusted the church with and the oils represent the spirit of God(Holy Spirit). There are people in the church Who’s ministry are not led by the spirit and have fell asleep forgetting the center of it all (Jesus). beloved ministry must be lead by the spirit of God, we must not act out our own will but Gods will. God has entrusted with our ministry but our ministry must never be more important than Jesus, for He is the reason we have ministry in the first place.Beloved let us always be prepared for the Bridegroom, let us always be led by His spirit and seeking His heart.


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