What Not to Become

Today Pastor Greg preached on Grace in our lives. If Grace is present in our lives then we should have no Pride but we all struggle with pride, for pride is of the flesh and we all struggle with the flesh.

What is conceit? The Greek word translated ‘conceit’ literally means ‘vain-glorious’ or ’empty of honor’. so conceit is a deep insecurity, perceived absence of honor and glory, leading to a need to prove our worth to ourselves and others.This,in turn, fixates our mind on comparing ourselves with others. When we seem better than someone else in some trait, our ‘honor-hunger’ puffs us up and makes us feel great….”

How do we get rid of conceit? Humble yourself before God does it for you. Luke 18:13-14 “…for everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled and he who humbles himself shall be exalted”

Are you operating in Gods Grace or in pride?



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